The World’s first industrial sized multi-use, multi-function innovation space with multiple synergistic organizations housed under one roof. A type of innovation & creativity incubator mixing advanced technology, traditional manufacturing, established industries and the broader community.


For many technology fields there is a center of leadership. It's Silicon Valley, and the economic impact of that center is obvious. Silicon Valley is one of the wonders of the modern world.

With the advent of the Internet’s third wave, the Internet of Things, and open source hardware, a new kind of Silicon Valley is coming. This time it's a Silicon Valley for the maker movement. It hasn't landed just yet, but the time will come - soon. The only thing we don't know about it is the location of this new center of innovation and creativity.

It could be located right here in Tulsa.

As with the industrial revolution in the time of steam and raw labor, our current industrial revolution has begun out of the blue. Many are not prepared to take a leadership position in the new “Maker” economy. Like before, it will be easy to get lost in the wake of those who choose to take the lead in this new maker-centered innovation.

But a city like Tulsa, choosing to develop a path forward that embraces this


Imagine a place in Tulsa that is a sort of cauldron, percolating with excitement, energy, and opportunity. A place where ideas become reality, inspiration meets perspiration and dreams come alive. This is real, this is now, this is Raw Space.

The world’s first industrial sized multi-use, multi-function innovation space with multiple synergistic organizations housed under one roof. Each organization standing on its own merits, globally unique, with its own audience, community and mission. But beyond that, a textbook example where the value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, seeding Tulsa’s future as the Silicon Valley of the maker movement.


There are a few paths forward on where to create Raw Space. One option we are excited about is the Evans Fintube site just northeast of downtown. In its heyday, Evans Fintube was a forge and a foundry for the Bethlehem Steel Company, forging the raw materials that built Tulsa and the oil industry that made us famous. Resurrecting this facility would be our chance to resurrect Tulsa as a world leader in industry, technology, innovation and commerce. Except this time, instead of serving as a physical crucible of industry, Raw Space could serve as a metaphorical crucible; a melting pot of community and opportunity where the raw ingredients are people and ideas and the output is technology and innovation.

Not only can Raw Space serve as a lightning rod for innovation, it could also serve as an anchor to the adjacent Crutchfield neighborhood, where it could play a major role in making that neighborhood the epicenter of innovation and creativity in Tulsa. This could be accomplished through creative zoning and a strategic initiative to bring free Gig-E fiber Internet connectivity to a technology corridor within that neighborhood.

Regardless of where it lands, people might show up for the first time to see improv comedy in some strange place called Raw Space, some might be there at the end of their global pilgrimage to the world’s greatest makerspace, others might be there because it's where they work, and still others might be there simply to learn how to homebrew beer. But once they are there, the real magic will happen. People, ideas, and opportunity coming together, all serving to connect the dots in unimaginable ways.


The proposed tenants of this space are strategically selected to "mix" four different worlds in Tulsa, including the worlds of advanced technology, traditional manufacturing, established industry, and community. The two types of "mixing" are divided into mixing through shared resources and cross-pollination mixing through physical proximity. The shared resources mixing allows any one tenant to benefit from the tools and resources available from other tenants. The cross-pollination mixing involves the intangible outcomes from getting smart folks from different backgrounds mixing in new and unpredictable ways.

The proposed tenants in this space include:


Next Generation Fab Lab Type Facility.
Institute for Advanced Maker Technology & Training.
Civic Ninjas Civic Technology Dojo


Drilling technology innovation Lab.
Energy innovation Lab.
Aerospace Technology innovation Lab.
Flight Simulator innovation Lab.
Agriculture Technology innovation Lab.
Food Technology innovation Lab.


Event Space
Covered Open-Air Food Truck Court
Science & Technology Museum
Sound/Video/Film Studio/Sound Stage
Gift Shop
Skateboard Park
Disk Golf Course


Shipping Container Upcycling Facility
High Tech Foundry
Neon Sign Shop
Maker Technology Showcase Labs